Schreiber plant in Logan his having a 50-year ‘Anniversary event this week.

LOGAN – Schreiber Foods in Logan is trying to collect 50,000 cake mixes for the Cache Food Pantry this week to show their support to the community after 50 years of doing business in Cache Valley.

They will have collection stations for the mixes at Lee‘s Market Place locations and Sam’s Club on July 23, 24, 26 27 and 28 from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m.

People can also bring them to the plant at 885 N. 600 W. any time of the week of July 25.

“We are doing three or four food drives for cake and brownie mixes for the Cache Food Pantry,” said Derek Carlsen, a human resources team leader. “We met with the food pantry people and they said one of the biggest requests they get is for cake mixes.”

The food pantry gives a lot of food, but they have a lot of requests for cake mixes for children’s birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions.

“We’ve set up collection spots inside the plant with the employees at our plants in Logan, Amalga and Smithfield,” he said. “We are also setting up collection stations in front of some grocery stores around town.”

Schreiber’s is a dairy company that provides beverages, cheese, cream cheese, yogurt and more to restaurants, food distributers and manufactures around the world.

Company employees will also be doing service projects during the week of July 24.

Schreirber’s is also teaming up with seven different restaurants to help them be successful at this goal of raising $50,000 to give to a charity.

The final piece of their 50-Year Anniversary is a giant mac ‘n cheese dish they will be making.

“On Friday, July 29 we are going to make the world’s biggest mac-and-cheese dish on the globe and we need the public to help come and consume it,” Carlsen said. “In order to break the Guinness Book of World Records it has to be consumed.”

Their goal is to make 4,000 pounds of mac ‘n cheese and they are looking for people to help eat it. They are also offering a free soda to go with mac ‘n cheese which will be served at the parking lot of the Logan plant, at 885 North 600 West from 1 to 5 p.m.

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