January 18, 1943 – February 5, 2024 (age 81)

Roy Curtis Jones, 81, of Logan UT, died Monday, Feb. 5, 2024 at his home. Roy was born Jan. 18, 1943 in Clearfield, Utah, to Roy Nelson and Leah Curtis Jones. He was a big brother to Elaine, Marlene, Marvin, and Craig, who the family lost to a heart defect when he was a young boy.

Roy loved his family more than anything in the world. He did whatever he could to look after those he loved. He married Joan Hansen, the love of his life, on July 3, 1968. He gave selflessly of his time and energy to all, but especially to his beloved wife, his five children and fourteen grandchildren.

As a boy, Roy survived polio. For the rest of his life appreciated his good health, and viewed each day as a precious gift. He also built radios and earned a HAM radio license: call sign K7NM0. Later, he taught his children Morse code and helped them get licenses so they could keep in touch before the era of cell phones. As a young adult, he loved flying small airplanes and even had his own plane.

He worked on building airplanes at Boeing, flew air mail, worked on mountaintop television transmitter sites, and traveled the world working as a radio officer with the U.S. Merchant Marine, which made him appreciate home even more.

Roy loved reading anything he could get his hands on — newspapers, magazines, scores of books that he collected, and medical journals, which he researched voraciously trying to find solutions for the health problems of people he loved. He devoted his life to taking care of his beloved wife, and loved taking daily walks on the Logan Riverwalk. He loved riding his bike, and even into his 80s, would ride to the grocery store almost daily, his knapsack on his back.

In recent years, above all else, he cherished and delighted in his 14 grandchildren: Carolann, Alex, Alyssa, Calista, Calvin, Aeden, Liam, Julianne, Roy Dennis, Emory, Millicent, Jackson, Wesley and Juniper. He always clapped the longest and the loudest at their plays, recitals and concerts. He planned his days around their music lessons and band practices so that he could sit and listen, a grin on his face. He cheered for them at their sporting events, even though he never followed sports. He read to them, talked with them, listened to them, and made them feel important. He will always be with them and an important part of their lives.

Funeral services are at 4 p.m. Sunday, February 11, at the LDS church at 94 W. 600 S., Logan, Utah.

Condolences and memories may be shared with the family at Cache Valley Mortuary.

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