Left to right: Brandon Lucas and Derek Spence leading members of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office in the Truck Pull for Special Olympics Utah, July 22, 2022.

Some of the teams that competed in the Truck Pull for Special Olympics Utah, July 22, 2022.

LOGAN — Several hundred people gathered Friday night for the Cache County Sheriff’s Office Truck Pull. The charity event was organized to raise money for Special Olympics Utah.

Deputy Helene Salanoa was the organizer of the event, held north of the Utah State football stadium. She said after the success of last year’s pull she wanted to do it again and make it even bigger.

Members of Boy Scout Troop 1 pulling a Logan City firetruck, July 22, 2022.

“I wanted to focus more on the Special Olympic Athletes and also on community outreach,” said Salanoa.

Each team of 10 people had to pull a Logan City fire truck 20 yards. Two long ropes were tied to the front bumper for the teams. Every team had the opportunity to go twice and the team with the fastest times won.

Score board showing teams’ times.

Seven teams competed in the event, including the sheriff’s office, Boy Scout Troop One, Mountain Crest High School, Chrysalis and three teams from iFit. Most of teams were able to move the truck from start to finish in around 18 seconds.

The sheriff’s office deputies took 1st Place, with a total time of 33.1 seconds. Employees of iFit Freemotion earned 2nd Place, with a time of 33.2 seconds. The iFit Proform team took 3rd Place, with a time of 33.7 seconds.

Salanoa said the competition this year was really close. In a change from last year, the winning team was presented a championship belt.

Members of the Cache County Sheriff’s Office raising the championship belt after winning Truck Pull for Special Olympics Utah, July 22, 2022.

“So whoever wins, takes the championship belt for a year and then the next time we compete, it will be passed on to the new winners. So, hopefully the more we do this, the more teams will come out and I think the competition between people is just going to increase.”

Salanoa said not only was the event meant to raise money for local athletes, but it was also a chance for law enforcement to have fun with local citizens.

The event raised more than $1,400. In addition to donations made by the seven teams, several companies contributed money, food, and prizes for the competition.


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