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He is a familiar figure at the Logan Library and for eight years Joseph Anderson has served as Librarian in charge of adult non-fiction and reference services. He is past president of the Cache Valley Library Association, author of a book on Cache Valley Libraries and at Tuesday’s meeting of the Logan City Council he was advocating for a higher property tax to help build a new Logan Library.

Anderson said the library is more than 80 years old and the building has had such uses as a dance hall, a Sears store and more.

“I’ve seen multiple roof leaks, including one that came down on the books I oversee and caused more than $1600 in damage, multiple basement floods,” Anderson explained to the council. “One of the most recent and obvious problems with the building is the air conditioning breaking down and not working for the better part of June and July this summer.

“As I understand it there were multiple issues from the roof to the basement that caused the aging system to fail and require repair. This is not the first summer outage we have experienced.”

Anderson said Logan City has not funded a new library since 1932 and residents deserve better.

Other residents spoke out in favor of a new or updated library at Tuesday’s meeting. After hearing from the public, the city voted unanimously in favor of a property tax increase that will raise $2 million to be used for a library.

Logan City Finance Director Richard Anderson said the 6.9% property tax increase will amount to $13.72 more a year on a home valued at $197,774. He said the action increases the overall tax bill in the city by one percent.

Council members were pleased with the support from the community, including Eugene Needham. Although he acknowledged there are many structural problems with the existing building, he has his own idea on the best way to go.

“In looking at the remodeling plans that were furnished to us 10 years ago by Design West,” Needham exclaimed, “and updating the costs into today’s more inflated world, I personally believe we could have a remodeled library for $5-6 million.

“If the new library is going to be $11-$12 (million), I would vote that we would choose the less expensive choice.”

Logan Mayor Craig Petersen said the city is considering several different sites for the library if a new one is constructed. Council members agreed with the mayor that it should be in the heart of downtown.

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