Source: CVDaily Feed

LOGAN — The North Park Police Department has released video footage of the Cache Valley Hospital shooting May 16, 2014.

The two videos show security camera footage of both the ER waiting room lobby and an interior hallway. Both videos contain heavy profanity and graphic content.

In the videos, 34-year-old Jason Burr is seen walking into the waiting room area and speaking to the clerk. He then becomes combative, pulls two handguns from his waistband and begins yelling profanities and threats to the staff.

The videos later show Adult Probation and Parole agent Clint Lund entering the lobby, confronting Burr and shooting him.

Hospital staff is then seen rushing into the waiting room to treat Burr. He is loaded onto a gurney and wheeled into an operating room.

The videos were released a week after the Cache County Attorney’s Office issued a report saying that Lund was justified in shooting Burr.

The report said when Burr entered the waiting room lobby he demanded to see his doctor saying that “someone is going to die today.” He first brandished a Taurus 9mm and loaded a round into the chamber. He later pulled out a smaller .38 caliber Derringer from his pocket, so that he had a gun in each hand.

The report said Lund shot at Burr four times. He was hit in the left arm, the right groin and the left side of his chest.

The report concluded that Burr “engaged in conduct that constituted a clear threat and extreme danger to the hospital personnel, the public at large and to Lund.” Also that Lund acted reasonably, using deadly force to protect himself and others.

It finished stating Lund, and the others present, should be commended for their actions.

Burr was flown to a Salt Lake area hospital where he was treated for his injures. He was arrested in June and is being held in the Cache County Jail. He faces eight charges, including four second-degree felonies. He is scheduled to appear again in 1st District Court July 30, for a preliminary hearing.