Source: CVDaily Feed

SALT LAKE CITY – Organizers are hoping the first “Utah Clean Air Fair” coming up Saturday will let people know how they can contribute in the battle against the state’s persistent, and sometimes severe, air pollution.

David Brooks, founder of the nonprofit Revolution United, which helped organize the event, said it includes local music, family activities, short keynote speeches, a fitness area, skill-building workshops and an art show.

“People can come to the fair and actually have a good time,” he said, “and learn while they’re there how to improve the air around them, and for the community as well.”

Brooks said riding a bicycle and using mass transit are good ways to help reduce vehicle emissions, which are among the major contributors to air pollution.

Brooks said the Utah Clean Air Fair includes 50 partner businesses and organizations, such as Utah Moms for Clean Air and Breathe Utah. Each organization is offering its own solution to help improve air quality, he said. If each person takes action, he said, the positive collective impact could be huge.

“The power of one individual is the biggest power that we have as a human being,” he said. “Bringing that all together – whether it’s polluting, or whether it’s solving the pollution – that depends on us, as a humanity.”

The Utah Clean Air Fair is scheduled to start at noon Saturday at the Outdoor Plaza at the Salt Lake City Public Library, 210 E. 400 South.