NORTH LOGAN – A northern Utah judge is giving North Logan City 30 days to make public what it discussed in illegally held public meetings over an 18-month period.


The current North Logan City offices located at 2076 North 1200 East are converted hotel or apartment spaces.

In August 2023, North Logan resident Brett Robinson filed a complaint against the city and its council that they violated the Utah Open and Public Meetings Act on 18 separate occasions between February 2022 and August 2023 and asked for a judge to compel the city to make public what was discussed in those illegally closed meetings.

Last week, First District Court Judge Spencer D. Walsh granted the request with a partial summary judgment on May 29.

It was found North Logan City violated state law by failing to properly announce a closed meeting, according to court documents.

During the timeframe in question, a council member at the public city council meeting would make a motion to “move into an executive session.” It was not explained to the public in any of the alleged instances that an “executive session” was implied as a closed meeting by the city or that they would move to hold a closed meeting, according to court records.

When minutes of the meeting were later released it stated the council member “made a motion to close the meeting and move into Executive (Closed) Session for the purpose of discussing items related to real property, and items related to pending litigation, after a two-minute recess by the City Council,” according to court records.

During the 1 1/2 year period in question, the city announced it would be holding an “executive session;” however, that was not sufficient, according to the Act. The law requires the government body to be more explicit about what it is doing and provide clear notice to the public of what an executive session meant in this instance.

“Additionally, Defendants (North Logan) failed to announce the reasons for the closure of the meetings, the location of the closed meetings, and the votes of each member for or against the closed meetings.”


The judge required North Logan City to publicly make available recordings or minutes of the illegally closed meetings within 30 days.


Brett Robinson is the current Cache County Assessor and also is a resident of North Logan City. He replaced Kathleen Howell in fall of 2022, when she retired. Howell temporarily appointed Robinson to the elected position. The position is up for reelection this fall, but Robinson is running unopposed. 

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