Nibley Elementary Students going at it after the Color Run squirting powdered colors on who ever they could Friday afternoon.

NIBLEY – Two wide-eyed, innocent-looking Nibley Elementary School students came to our door to ask us for money for their school’s Color Run. The activity was a fundraiser sponsored by the school’s Parent Teacher Association and was held Friday afternoon at Virgil Gibbons Heritage Park in Nibley.

Lainey Terry, a second grader at Nibley Elementary School, shows off her once white T-shirt covered with multi-colors of chalk dust Friday afternoon after the race and subsequent powdered color fight.

When we arrived to see where our money was going there was a table full of extra packets and plastic bottles filled with an array of colors for sale, and another table packed with treats.

Each participant was given a race packet with a white T-shit and a water bottle and a few other odds and ends, including a color packet. To add to their arsenal of colors they could buy more color.

Even before the event began students were chasing each other squirting colored chalk at each other.

Brittney Hawkes, the Color Run chairperson, said she thought they had about half of the student body or close to 245 students from the school participate.

“I’m not sure we made as much as we did a two years ago, but I think we did alright,” she said. “We use the money for field trips and different PTA-sponsored projects.”

Nibley City Council member Kathryn Beus organizes extra color bottles before the Nibley Elementary Color Run on Friday. The activity was a fundraiser sponsored by the Parent Teacher Association.

She said some of this year’s money will go towards a security system for the school.

Chelsie Jackson, a Parent Teacher Association volunteer, was the announcer for this year’s Color Run.
“This is our fourth year for the Color Run. We didn’t do it last year because of COVID,” she said. “But two years ago, we made about $8,000.”

Extra packets of colors ready to be purchased for the Nibley Elementary Color Run on Friday.

Kathy Larkin, a kindergarten teacher, allowed her students to powder her with color before, during and after the race.

Larkin was helping a student find her parents when she was stopped by three students from her class who began throwing color on her before getting a hug.

After each student passed under an arch made of balloons there was an area roped off where the students could throw and squirt colors as much as they wanted. Parents took videos and photos with their cell phones while the colored dust was being spread from head to foot to every student.


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