Source: CVDaily Feed

Service to the homebound is now available at the Logan Library and Library Director Robert Shupe said a simple qualification process prepares patrons to receive books and other materials at their homes.

Materials will be delivered, free of charge to patrons, by mail.

“The process begins with them giving us a call and then they need to get a library card with us,” said Shupe. “Once they qualify for a card, their card will qualify them for status as ‘homebound’.

“We talk with them by phone and get an idea of their interest as far as reading or viewing materials. We assign a librarian to help them, someone who will follow up with them and work with them to determine the items to be mailed to them.”

Shupe said several library staff members attended a conference that included a presentation from libraries who have offered such a service.

“We’re excited to make this available and our library board is very supportive as well.”

He said there is no cost to patrons.

“We cover the cost of shipping materials in our library operating budget. We mail the items to the patron in a special re-enforced envelope and we provide return postage so they can mail it back to us.”