LOGAN – Over the past year, Utah has experienced the biggest decline in gasoline prices across the nation and Logan, specifically, has seen the biggest decline across the state.

That’s the conclusion of a nationwide study of gas prices conducted by the online coupon website Bountii.

Researchers for that website analyzed data from the Automobile Association of America on the average cost of a gallon of regular, midgrade, premium and diesel fuels in 474 cities across America on June 10, 2023 compared to June 10, 2024.

Each city was rated on the cost of the four fuel types and an average ranking was created from the biggest reduction to the smallest. The states with the biggest reduction in fuel prices over the past 12 months were then determined based on the average fuel price declines in their cities.

Utah was found to be the state with the biggest decline in fuel prices, according to Fred Harrington, the chief executive officer of Bountii.

Over the past year, he says, the price drop of a gallon of regular, midgrade and premium gas in Utah fell by $.72, $.73 and $.70 respectively.

The cost of diesel fuel in Utah fell from $3.92 per gallon to $3.50 per gallon, the sixth largest drop nationwide.

The Bountii researchers also crowned Logan as the city that has experienced the largest decline in fuel prices across the state, with the price of regular gasoline falling from $4.17 on June 10 of last year compared to $3.32 this year.

Gas prices on June 14 at your friendly neighborhood service station were about $3.79 for a gallon of premium, $3.59 for midgrade and $3.39 for regular, with the price of diesel fuel at $3.55 per gallon.

“The West Coast is America’s hotspot for fast-falling fuel prices,” Harrington adds. “Six of the states with the biggest gas price drops were found in that region.”

In addition to Utah, other states experiencing notable gas price drops were Arizona, Washington, Idaho, New Mexico and Indiana.

Absent from that list of supposedly “West Coast” states was California, which placed third from the bottom at the other end of the ranking, with prices rising for gasoline and diesel an average of $.09 to $.12.

“The South is the worst spot for rising fuel prices,” Harrington explains, “as three of the top four states for gas price hikes are situated there.”

In addition to California, the other states where gas prices have risen the most are Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.

On a national basis, diesel prices have dropped more on average across the country than any other fuel.

The Bountii study found that U.S. motorists pay around $.17 less for a gallon of diesel, while regular, midgrade and premium fuels all cost about $.16, $.13 and $.10 less respectively.

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