A bank robber with his loot at Woodward Country Store Shoot out. as part of Pioneer Day Celebration in Weston.

WESTON – National radio talk show host Glenn Beck will be the speaker at Weston’s Hometown Homegrown Pioneer Celebration to be held on July 23.

Tania Beck with husband Glenn Beck in a recent photo. Glenn will be the featured speaker at the Weston Pioneer Day Celebration this Saturday, July 23.

Most of the celebration will be held at the city park at 100 West Depot Street except for Beck’s address which will be held at 6 p.m. in the gymnasium of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints church located at 27 N. Center.

Tacy Watterson-Balls, who is the one organizing this year’s activities, said they are excited to have Beck speak. He has a home near Weston and has endeared himself to the residents of Franklin County.

“Glenn and his wife Tania are the kindest people I’ve ever met; genuinely sweet,” she said. “I’ve not met anyone who has had a bad thing to say about the Becks.”

They are expecting a big crowd so they will be broadcasting the speech into the park so everyone can hear.

“He comes to Weston to get away just like most of the people who come to Cache Valley,” Watterson-Balls said. “COVID hit us hard. It was a big deal when he offered to speak. He will bring things into focus.”

Beck is a nationally-syndicated conservative radio talk show host and a bestselling author.

“Glenn and his wife Tania have graciously allowed the city to showcase their extensive collection of historic Americana memorabilia,” she said. “Some of the items on display will be Abraham Lincoln’s Bible, the key to Lincoln’s booth at Ford’s Theatre the night he was assassinated.”

Also on display will be the dress Mary Todd Lincoln was wearing the night of Lincoln’s assassination, an original Captain America shield, one of the first Darth Vader costumes, Christopher Reeves’ actual Superman costume, chilling Holocaust items, Walt Disney’s prospectus for the original Disneyland and other significant historical items.

This is an amazing family day for Weston. It brings us together as a community and allows us to teach the feeling of small towns to the next generation,” Watterson-Balls said. “The Becks quietly contribute a lot to our community, and we are so very appreciative of them.”

Beck’s participation in this year’s celebration gives everyone the rare opportunity to share in the family’s love of history and America in a way that very few people ever get.

Besides Beck’s program on Saturday, the town’s Pioneer celebration will begin with a fun run at 7 a.m., a free High Fitness class, and the West Side High School fundraiser breakfast from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

The parade will begin at 10 a.m. and games and vendors will begin after the parade. There will be a candy drop, animal chase, and softball tournament. There will be an Old West shoot out with the Patriot Gunslingers at Woodward’s Country Store.

A benefit dinner for Connor and Lisa Waldron, who are going through some health issues, will be sponsored by Tad’s Custom Cuts, live music from the band Rough Stock, and to cap off the festivities will be the best fireworks show you’ve ever seen from a small town.

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