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LOGAN — A West Jordan man who told troopers he was late for work was arrested Monday morning after a high-speed chase that reached speeds of over 100 mph.

Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Cade Brenchley said a trooper clocked 19-year-old Trevor Pitcher driving through Sardine Canyon at a high rate of speed. When the trooper turned on his lights and siren to try and pull over the Chevy Blazer, the man started to shield his face from view and accelerated.

“It got well up to 100 mph and a little bit over,” said Brenchley. “At that point, Trooper Stokes knew that he was obviously running from him, so he radioed to dispatch our pursuit code which is 10-80, and that he was in pursuit of this Blazer.”

Officers from the Logan City Police Department and deputies from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office joined in the pursuit along US 89/91 as the Blazer continued to weave through traffic, evading arrest.

Brenchley said as the chase began to approach Logan city limits though, troopers became concerned for the public’s safety.

“He was still passing cars in the median recklessly and actually went into oncoming traffic for a time to pass everybody. At that point, Trooper Stokes decided it was getting too dangerous and getting into heavier traffic and into the city. So they terminated the pursuit.”

The trooper had been able to get a description of the driver and a temporary tag number off of the vehicle. They were later able to track it to a construction site near 800 E. 1200 N.

Brenchley said when troopers confronted Pitcher, he was taken into custody without further incident.

“He admitted that he wasn’t going to stop because he was already late for work and that was why he ran, he just didn’t want to stop and be later for work. So what would have been a speeding ticket, turned into felony evading, reckless driving and speed on top of it.”

The chase lasted about six-minutes before troopers terminated their pursuit. Pitcher was located and arrested about an hour later.

Records show that Pitcher had previously evaded West Jordan police officers in a similar type incident.

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