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The ballots are steadily coming in. Cache County Clerk Jill Zollinger said by Friday morning 17,618 ballots had been processed and there have been many telephone calls and people who come in to ask all kinds of questions. According to Zollinger, some of those questions include, “Do I have to vote for all these judges?” The answer is no, but people can vote for all the judges if they desire.

Zollinger says most of those she talks to like the mail-in voting, although a few want to know if they used it the right way.

So what does Zollinger expect on Tuesday?

“On election day they can drop off their ballots,” explains Zollinger. “It’s really like a Fast Pass if they have their ballot already done and ready to drop off at the ballot box. If they don’t have their ballot there may be lines.

“I encourage people to come in now and take care of something if they didn’t receive their ballots. We can help them now and it will be much better than on election day.”

What happens if you lose your ballot or accidentally throw it away? Zollinger says the ballot that was sent is spoiled and a new one issued. But if the first one comes in it will be invalid.

The clerk says other kinds of questions may come up and the best way to handle it is to call 755-1640 or come into the clerk’s office at 179 North Main in Logan.

Zollinger says the earlier you get the ballot mailed out the better. Ballots must have a postmark no later than November 7th.