LOGAN — Law enforcement is reporting an increase in drivers running red lights especially during the morning commute.

The Logan City Police Department posted on social media that running a red light is a very dangerous violation, the collisions that may result are typically T-bone collisions which causes the occupants of the T-boned vehicle to be very vulnerable to serious injury or death. 

It is also very dangerous for those who might be trying to walk across the street. Pedestrians or bicyclists aren’t anticipating a vehicle running the red light and collisions can be very devastating as well.

The police department said their officers are placing even more concentrated effort on these violations and unfortunately have been finding many drivers running red lights during the past few days.

Police asked motorists to please stop for red lights and buckle up as well. They noted that the risk is not worth the seconds you may save in your drive time. Drivers were also advised to avoid distractions inside their vehicle that could cause them to be unsafe.

The warning comes during the first few weeks of the 100 Deadliest Days in Utah. The time between the Memorial Day and Labor Day holidays typically mark an increase in fatal crashes.

The police department concluded, “We all have responsibility for vehicle safety. Let’s all do our part to keep each other safe on the roads.”

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