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Professional golfer Lee Trevino famously said, “Columbus went around the world in 1492. That isn’t a lot of strokes when you consider the course.”

A Logan-based company is marketing a unique product to help improve that. The Swing Coach Club was designed to help golfers see and feel the release of the golf ball without putting a ball on a tee.

“The Swing Coach takes the hit impulse out of hitting a golf ball,” says NuPro Swing Coach CEO and Manager Chris Chamberlain. “What a lot of people do when they go out to hit golf balls at the driving range is set the ball on the tee and try to just whack it and kill the ball. What they lose in that process is making a great swing, which ultimately makes a great drive.”

Based on Ben Hogan’s “throw the ball” philosophy, Chamberlain says the Swing Coach Club helps golfers develop muscle memory for feeling when the golf ball releases from the club. It does this with its unique design: the golf ball is actually placed in a cradle in the face of the club.

“A specially-calibrated cradle on the face of the club will only release the ball when you reach the peak of your acceleration,” Chamberlain explains. “It’s designed to release the ball at that point. Based on where the ball goes you can see and ultimately start correcting your golf swing.”

For a right-handed golfer, if the ball comes out to the left it indicates that the acceleration is too late. If the ball comes out to the right, the acceleration is too early or swinging too fast. The club is something that can be placed in a player’s bag and costs significantly less than hiring a golf coach.

The club was invented in North Carolina by Bill Parks in collaboration with professional golf teachers, including San Diego resident and legendary golf coach Dean Reinmuth. Reinmuth was a long time caddy to PGA pro Phil Mickelson and is responsible for dozens of instructional videos and articles about improving a player’s golf game.

With the club invented in North Carolina, with support of a professional golf coach in San Diego, how did Logan, Utah become home base for the business?

“Logan got into that mix because that’s where I’m at! I love it here and haven’t had a strong desire to live anywhere else,” Chamberlain laughs. “It’s pretty awesome being able to work with teams remotely. It’s worked out really well.”

Chamberlain explains that the company communicates with team members all over the world as they develop and market the product.

KVNU radio announcer and avid golfer Al Lewis tried out the Swing Coach at the Logan River Golf Course and said it made him think about what he was doing with his swing.

“It makes you, probably, more consistent back and through the ball, not just try to kill the ball but have a better swing through the ball,” Lewis explained. “I think the first thing you’ll be able to do is hit the ball straight and on line if you do get to one swing.

“I think that’s what it will do. It makes you think about the tempo…and not just try to kill the ball, or just hit it at the bottom. The whole swing is a part of it and that’s what it does.”

“Like most students of golf he thought he had a good swing,” Chamberlain said after watching Lewis practice. “He actually did a really good job. As he was doing it you could see him go back and forth with his swing to get it to go straight.

“It was interesting to see. When he started, the ball was going out to the right because he was trying to kill the ball too hard. Then he started swinging it off to the left. Eventually he started swinging straight and it was working for him.”

NuPro is planning a Kickstarter campaign within the next month to mass produce the product and Chamberlain anticipates the Swing Coach will be available for purchase by Christmas.

He says the product is really for any golfer at any level.

“The Swing Coach shows every kind of player, the good players and the very beginners, what they are doing or what they are doing wrong and hone that in a little bit quicker than you would otherwise.”

“They can go like us on our Facebook page, NuPro’s Swing Coach Golf Training Club,” says Michele Zabriskie, public relations manager for NuPro. “Like our Facebook page and take our quick survey and they’ll be entered to win a free Swing Coach valued at $130.”

Zabriskie says people can also email and put “Radio” in the subject line to get additional details about the product and its official launch.

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