The Cache County Republican Party will hold its third special election in less than a year in August to select nominees to replace outgoing Cache County Attorney James Swink.

LOGAN – The Cache County Republic Party will hold a special election to nominate a replacement for outgoing County Attorney James Swink during the first week of August.

Cache GOP chair Chris Booth said that the special election will likely be held Aug. 3, 4 or 5. Only local GOP leaders, precinct officials and delegates will participate in that voting.

After 12 years as county attorney, Swink announced this week that July 5 would be his last day in that elective office.

Booth said that he expects Cache County Council Chair Gina Worthen to formally notify the party of that office vacancy by July 7. The local GOP will then have 30 days to provide a list of qualified nominees to the county council for review.

“This will be the third, party special election that we’ve held in 11 months,” Booth explained, referring to the previous local gatherings that selected Jess Bradfield to replace Jill Zollinger as county clerk and David Zook to replace Craig Buttars as county executive.

“This one will be different,” he added, “because the state code requires that we provide a list of up to three qualified candidates to the members of the county council.”

Booth said that the minimum qualifications for a county attorney candidate are that he or she be a resident of the county and licensed by the Utah State Bar association.

The GOP party chairman said that the filing period for applicants wanting to be considered for the county attorney position will be announced shortly after July 7.

At the grand opening of the Children’s Justice Center on June 29, Swick said that he is resigning from office to join the Weber County Attorney’s Office as a criminal prosecutor.

Swink has been county attorney since 2009, when he was appointed to replace N. George Daines in that office.

Swink is a native of Sandy. He is a graduate of Utah State University and of the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University.

Prior to joining the staff of the Cache County Attorney, Swink’s previous experience included serving as a judge in Idaho and in the Weber County Attorney’s Office.

Swink has said that he and his wife Keri will continue to reside here in Cache Valley.

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