FILE JBS Hyrum is offering five pounds of hamburger to anyone ho gets their first COVID-19 vaccine shot on Saturday.

HYRUM – JBS Hyrum will hold two free COVID-19 vaccine clinics and give away meat for a year to two lucky winners (one per clinic). JBS is working with the Bear River Health Department on the clinics. The clinics will be held on Saturday, Aug. 7 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Aug. 9 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the health department located at 655 E. 1300 N., in Logan.

They Hyrum JBS plant employs 1,300 people to run their beef processing facility.

JBS USA is holding the COVID-19 shot clinics as part of their mission to vaccinate Americans in the rural communities where the company operates. To motivate people to participate, the meat packing company will award one winner free beef, pork and poultry to feed a family of four for a year at each clinic who receives their first vaccine.

JBS will give five pounds of ground beef to everyone who receives a vaccine at the two clinics. Nearly 60 percent of JBS Hyrum team members have already been vaccinated to date.

“Every COVID-19 vaccine received will help keep our team members and our community safe and healthy,” said Darren Olsen, JBS Hyrum plant manager. “This sweepstakes is a great incentive to encourage everyone to come out and do their part to help put an end to the pandemic.”

JBS USA has promoted vaccination among its workforce of more than 66,000 employees with great success. The company’s vaccination program includes onsite clinics, paid time off, a $100 incentive bonus and a multi-lingual education campaign. As a result of these efforts, nearly 70% of its U.S. workforce has been vaccinated.

JBS in Hyrum processes nearly one-half million cattle per year.

The company claims the vaccination rate of JBS team members is two to three times higher than vaccination rates of surrounding community members. JBS USA wants to help change this dynamic and raise local community vaccination rates to help safeguard its hometowns across the country.

The JBS USA “Your Shot at Free Meat for a Year” sweepstakes campaign builds on the company’s Hometown Strong initiative, which is contributing more than $70 million to support its local communities across the country during the pandemic.

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