Bryce Angell is a cowboy poet. Angell was raised on a farm/ranch in the St. Anthony, Idaho area with approximately 75 head of horses. Horses remain an important part of Angell’s life.

Angell shares his poetry with Cache Valley Daily every Friday.

Way back in 1968, the price of gas was cheap. Two bits would buy a gallon and a
Five would fill my Jeep.

The tickets at the Roxy were about a buck back then. Two Cokes, a bag of
popcorn, still left money from my Ten.

That’s been over fifty years. Those prices now sky high. And when it comes to
datin’, well, I barely even try.

Last Friday night I asked my wife, “How ‘bout a date tonight?” I swear the look
she gave me was, “You sure you’re feeling right?”

A ton of bricks sure doesn’t have to hit me on the head, to remind me where I’m
slackin’, just a look like hers instead.

I asked, “How ‘bout a movie, even though they charge too much?” I was lookin’
to impress her. Said, “This time we won’t go Dutch.”

So, we readied for the evenin’, mind made up, hell bent to go. I even took a
shower, only been a week or so.

Sixty dollars filled my Chevy. Dang sure has an appetite! We drove down to the
movie house. The tickets took a bite!

The attendant took my Twenty, then I said, “Two tickets please.” He needed five
more dollars and demanded with such ease.

I stepped up to the snack bar. Found the prices out of reach. ‘Cuz the popcorn
and the soda pop were five whole dollars each.

I’d spent a whoppin’ hundred bucks before the movie showed. My Mastercard
was handy but was runnin’ overload!

The Superheroes movie wasn’t bad, I must admit. But, ain’t got much recollection
‘cuz I slept through most of it.

So, next time when I am thinkin’ that I should impress my wife. We’ll sit down on
the porch swing, share a Coke and talk ‘bout life.

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