Ogden’s Union Station will be turned into a ballroom for the Genesis Project on Friday Feb. 9, for a prom for special people..

OGDEN – Some 200 people with disabilities from across the Northern Utah will gather for a prom night at Oden’s Union Station for a night of limousine rides, walking the red carpet, dancing and being crowned prom King and Queen.

A participant at the Genesis Project has a picture of his likeness on an earlier event.

Friday, Feb. 9, Ogden’s Union Station will be turned into a ballroom for the “Genesis Project,” a prom night with all the glitz and glamor that goes with it for special people.

Kyle Hill, Executive Pastor of “The Genesis Project” said the prom night is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation and made possible by the Genesis Project and many generous donors in the Ogden community.

“We have people coming from all over Utah,” Hill said. “We have them coming from Cache County, Summit County and Salt Lake County and places in between for a prom experience.”

The Genesis Project is a worldwide movement to change how cultures embrace people with disabilities and to rally people worldwide to honor their local community of people with special needs, ensuring they know they are valued and loved.

A participant goes down the red carpet on an earlier Genesis Project a prom night for special people.

“The Night to Shine” is hosted by churches all around the globe who desire to share the love of Christ with their community of people with special needs.

“It’s a nondenominational event. We have kids from all different faiths attend this event,” he said. “I’m always amazed at the donations we get. We are getting more and more donors circling around this event.”

“This year, we are going bigger and better than ever before,” he said. “We are inviting more prom kings and queens than we ever have before. We have one of the largest in the country.”

Due to an overwhelming response, registration to participate is full this year. There is a waiting list of over 100 individuals. Over the years, “Night to Shine” has gone through hundreds of churches from 56 different countries, has provided over half a million guest experiences. This year marks the 10th anniversary of Night to Shine.

People supporting a participant during an earlier Genesis Project prom night.

“We are going to have high school mascots, karaoke, tons of food, an incredible live band playing all night long,” Hill said. “If someone comes looking for me next Friday night, I will be out on the dance floor having a good time.”

There is also a respite room where people can take a break, and photo booths to make a record of the event.

“A military academy will be doing a saber-arch for the couple to go through,” he said. “There will be a magic mirror, and everyone will go home with a gift basket and Minky Couture donated a blanket for each of the participants.”

The Genesis Project gets crowned king for Genesis Project a prom for special people.

Hill said they had about 800 volunteers coming to help that evening. When they opened up registration, they filled spots in the first 20 minutes. And they currently have about 100 people out there on a waiting list if someone should drop out.

“It’s going to be a blast,” he said. “We spend six months planning this four-hour event.”

For additional information on the “Night to Shine” Genesis Project, visit genesisutah.com or contact Pastor Kyle Hill at: 801-388-4985.

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