Jack Draxler talks with Jason Williams on KVNU’s For the People

LOGAN — With rapid growth and construction continuing locally, many are alarmed at the dwindling open space and ag land, and are wondering if something can be done.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Thursday, former state lawmaker Jack Draxler was our guest.

He is co-chair of a committee exploring the possibility of preserving open land through conservation bonding towards this effort.

“We’ve, for many years I think, taken for granted the beauty of Cache County, and this is a countywide effort. So, a group of folks have started getting together for the last couple of months, to gauge what the public interest in and support would be for trying to preserve some open space and some agricultural land. We sense that there is a lot of momentum for it right now because people are seeing the pace of development in the valley,” he explained.

But Draxler stressed that this is not an anti-development approach. He said the committee feels that development and preservation of ag land and open space can work hand-in-hand.

“This group has included folks who are developers, builders, realtors, and they’ve all been very supportive of the idea of ‘let’s do something, and when we do it, let’s do it right’. And so last week I met with the county council, tried to fill them in on what we’re up to, that we’re meeting, we’re fairly loosely organized now.”

If the public approves of this bond, through the survey, it would be put to the Cache County council. If they approve it, it would be on the ballot in November.

If residents would like more information, Draxler invites them to call him at 435-881-1839, or contact the countywide planner or Bear River Association of Governments (BRAG).


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