Source: CVDaily Feed

Hundreds of second grade students from the Cache County School District will be congregating on two local farms next week in an effort to learn more about how agriculture works. It’s Farm Field Days on May 6th and 7th, hosted by the Cache County Farm Bureau Federation.

County Farm Bureau President Rob Smith said kids will be visiting the Mike and Beth Wangsgaard dairy farm in Young Ward on Tuesday, May 6th and those on the north end of the county will go to the Jackson and Oralee Smith farm in Lewiston on Wednesday, May 7th.

“They’ll talk about pork production and beef production, as well as dairy production,” Smith said. “They get kind of a broad spectrum. This year we are also going to talk about bees.”

He said this has become an important agricultural industry. Smith said the youth will be able to participate in many different farm-related activities and sample all kinds of foods produced on local farms.