Frank Christiansen one of the animal control officers in Hyrum said that in the 30 years he has been catching stray animals he has never seen the destruction of livestock these dogs have allegedly caused.

HYRUM – Livestock owners in the Hyrum area could have been able to breathe a little easier at night. Two dogs causing havoc killing livestock in Hyrum the last several weeks have been identified. But the owners of the dogs will not give them up to animal control officers.

The canines allegedly have been on a killing spree. They have left for dead almost 30 head of livestock animals and several wounded the last month or so.

The Hyrum City animal control officers have been working through the night to try and catch the dogs causing destruction on the westside of town.

“To the best of my knowledge the dogs killed two goats, 12 rabbits, two alpacas, about 12 sheep,” Kirt Lindley, an city animal control officer, said Monday. “All of the killing was done at night on the westside of the city.”

On April 30, Hyrum City posted a message on their Facebook page telling the residence to be on the lookout for the dogs.

“At this time, we are gathering information on a potential dangerous /aggressive dog case in the west area of Hyrum. Over the past month, we have had several reports of livestock animals being killed during the night hours,” the message said. “We are looking for your help identifying the dogs involved.”

The announcement said they were looking for any photos, videos, even doorbell surveillance information that could help them catch the animals. The animal control officers have been patrolling the city during the night to find the deadly animals.

Sunday night the officers caught a break. Frank Christiansen, the other animal control officer, spotted the dogs and tracked them down to where the owners live.

“I couldn’t get to them before they ran away,” Christiansen said. “We know who the owners are and it’s just a matter of picking them up.”

The officers were going to impound the two dogs as soon as they could get them from the owners when they got home from work.

Kirt Lindley and Frank Christiansen discuss the next step in capturing two dogs that have allegedly killed nearly 30 head of livestock animals in the Hyrum area.

“We are fairly sure we got them,” Christiansen said. “We know where the dogs live.”

Monday evening the Hyrum City animal control officers went to retrieve the dogs from the owners and they wouldn’t give them up. So, they have to get a court order to get the animals and try again another time.

As far as the punishment or restitution goes, it’s up to the judge.

We still have to talk to the judge. We have the evidence to impound them,” he said. “We are still collecting more evidence to make sure we get everything tied up.”

Christiansen said he has been an animal control officer for 30 years and this is the worst case of animal destruction he has ever dealt with.

Not only have the officers seen the dogs out at night near the dead and injured animals, they have other evidence that tells them they have the right animals.

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