LOGAN — A leading Republican candidate for United States Senate for Utah, the seat that Republican Mitt Romney is vacating, is U.S. Representative John Curtis.

On KVNU’s For the People program last week, Curtis said with the new office of oversight, relationships with fellow senators are more important to get them on board something you want to sponsor.

“Well, I’ve been there seven years, and I am a very relationship-driven person. And a number of these senators actually serve with me in the House, or I’ve traveled with them, and so there’s a number that I feel comfortable with. That actually, I would say, does not intimidate, it actually excites me because I think that’s a super power of mine. And I enjoy doing it,”  he explained.

Rep. Curtis has accomplished some things that some in the Utah House thought never would happen.

“I’m glad you brought that up, and it deals with this issue of public lands vs state lands vs private lands,” Curtis exclaimed. “In my current district, the rural part, is over 90 percent federally owned. I like to brag, I’ve transferred more land from federal ownership to state ownership than anyone in the state’s history.”

He said they’ve resolved millions of acres of dispute about where to recreate, graze, do off-roading, where they can extract and do different things like that.

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