David Zook (file photo)

LOGAN — On KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday, it was our monthly look at Cache County business with county executive David Zook.   He talked about the new county attorney John Luthy and the selection process the county council went through in deciding between three candidates.

“It was a really exciting meeting, you could feel the tension in the room. Because the way it works is they have to make a decision in public, they can’t go behind closed doors and debate and deliberate and come out and say ‘here is our decision’. They have to deliberate in public, they have to vote in public, it has to be a verbal vote and that’s what they did. You could tell the council members were having a very difficult time choosing between the three,” he explained.

Zook said no matter who they chose, the county would be in good shape because all three were internal candidates.  He said the county attorney’s office has two functions.

“One is prosecutions, so all the unfortunately horrible stories you guys talk about on your news about crimes happening in our county, they’re the ones who are prosecuting those crimes. And that’s what most of the office is, focused on that. Right now we only had one civil attorney and that was John, we’re in the process of hiring another civil attorney.  I guess now we’re going to have to hire two civil attorneys, to replace him and the new position we recently added. So any good attorneys out there we’ve got two openings now.”

In other county business, Zook said one thing he has been working on is getting cell phone towers in Logan Canyon.

“That is a big public safety thing, I’ve said since Day One that public safety is my top priority and I’m working on it.  Cell phone towers in Logan Canyon is a big thing. I was in Washington DC recently, I met with Senator(Mike) Lee, I met with Senator (Mitt) Romney, I met with Congressman Morris, chief of staff.  I talked to all three of them about that, that’s a big issue.”

Zook also invites everyone to the Cache County Fair which goes through Saturday. He expressed appreciation for the hard work of the fair committee and all the staff and community volunteers who meet every month. He said there is a ton of work that goes into putting the fair together.

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