SMITHFIELD — The application process came to an end on July 31st and soon there will be a new logo for Smithfield city.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Monday, Smithfield Mayor Kris Monson said the artistic community really came through

“It went so well, we were really surprised. We actually had 15 people that submitted 52 different logos, and they are just amazing. The very last one came in (Sunday), the very last day. We got one the very first day we posted, and we got one the very last day of the contest. We are really excited to make a decision, and get rolling with the new logo,” she explained.

Monson, who has been mayor of Cache County’s second largest city since she was sworn in the first of the year, said the current Smithfield logo has been around since 1990.

“32 years ago, Smithfield city decided to declare itself ‘the Health City’ because of some other reasons, but they decided that they wanted to rebrand with a brand new logo. So, they held a similar contest, now we didn’t have computers back then, and we didn’t have all the technology and all the art products that we have now. They had some submissions, and they said there was no way they could use any of them.”

Instead, the city did a slight revision and ended up using a logo that Birch Creek Golf Course had decided to use.

When it comes to deciding on a new logo, Monson said it will go before a newly appointed arts council Tuesday night and ultimately three favorites will be chosen.

“Then we’re going to turn it over to the public, this is something that’s really important to our council, that the public gets to have a say. So, it will be turned over to the public in the form of a survey monkey and we will go for one week.  (We’ll) put out on social media, put out on our website, put out on email and give everybody the site, so they can get in and vote. We’re asking everybody to just vote once, and that will be the new logo for Smithfield city.”

After that, Monson said the logo will be released gradually in a fiscally smart manner.

For example, if a new truck is purchased for the city, the new logo decal will be on there, as well as on new shirts for city workers.

So, it will be slow roll out for the logo that she hopes will go for, at least, another 32 years.

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