Cache County GOP chairman Chris Booth has announced that a special election to select replacement candidates for the elected office of Cache County Attorney has been cancelled.

LOGAN – An Aug. 4 special election scheduled by the Cache County Republican Party to nominate a slate of potential replacements for former County Attorney James Swink has been cancelled.

That internal balloting is no longer necessary, according to Chris Booth, the chair of the Cache GOP.

“The state election code requires that we provide a list of up to three qualified candidates for the members of the Cache County Council to review,” Booth explains. “But only three candidates had applied for the position by our filing deadline on July 16.”

The familiar names of those candidates have already been forwarded to the County Council, he added. They are Jacob Gordon, John Luthy and Dane Murray, all of whom are current members of the County Attorney’s Office.

Jacob Gordon is a deputy attorney who works as a prosecutor for Cache County in its Criminal and Juvenile Justice Divisions.

John Luthy is the chief deputy attorney in the county’s Civil Division.

Dane Murray is also a prosecutor in the county’s Criminal Justice Division.

“The ball is now in the county council’s court,” said Booth, who was perfectly happy to admit that he was relieved to avoid conducting the local party’s third special election in less than a year.

Those previous special elections picked Jess Bradfield to replace Jill Zollinger as county clerk in September of 2020 and James Zook to replace Craig Buttars as county executive early in 2021.

Under state law, the members of the Cache County Council will now select one of those candidates to serve out the unexpired term of the former county attorney, which will last until Dec. 31, 2022.

That selection could take place as early as the County Council’s next meeting on July 27.

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