LOGAN — Devron Andersen is running for a seat on the Cache County Council representing the south end of the county. On KVNU’s For the People program last week, Andersen said the first question he is asked  – why he wants to run for office.

“For one reason personally, I didn’t have the opportunity, didn’t take the opportunity to serve my country in the military,” Anderson explained. “But I think being able to serve in a public office as an elected official is a worthy alternative. To be able to serve my country in that way, in that capacity. I find a lot of joy in doing that, in just serving.”

He agreed that local elected officials have more decisions to make that affect the public personally than on a larger level.

At the recent Cache County G.O.P. convention, Andersen won by 53 percent of the delegate vote, barely not enough to avoid a primary.

He was asked if people are tired of the fighting in the county.

“I hope that delegates would have voted for me on my platform and what I propose to bring to the seat,” he answered. “But I also am not oblivious to what’s going on in the local politics here. I do think that when things aren’t going smoothly, and we hear time and time again, (in) newspaper articles or radio station announcements about problems or bickering back and forth, people don’t want that.”

Ballots start going out soon for this summer’s Republican primary election and should be delivered by June 14th.

Get more details on Andersen’s campaign at devronandersen.com.

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