Source: CVDaily Feed

North Logan and Hyde Park city councils will be joining together tonight for an emergency session. The two councils will discuss the final details of a major project that has been quietly discussed behind closed doors for several months. The two communities will merge into one city, to be named Hyde Logan.

A precedence has already been set. North Logan and Hyde Park already partner on several projects, notably with their police force. Elected officials from both cities have seen the cost savings with the combined force and want to expand it into all areas. Additionally, there is an elementary school that both communities share and a canal company that bears both their names.

“I just love the idea of carving out a new identity for us. Merging our two communities, with their dual personalities, can surely be sustained,” says longtime resident Edward Hyde.

The merger will make Hyde Logan one of the largest cities in Cache Valley, with a land mass of 10.1 square miles and a population well over 12,000 people. Only Logan City would have a larger population.

“I think the idea is silly,” says Aimee Smith. “I mean really, who wants to live in a city that sounds like it wants to be hidden?”

Before the merger can become official, however, residents of Hyde Park and North Logan are encouraged to note the date and the tradition of pranks on this day.