BTech Fashion Merchandising and Development students threw the audience into a dreamland of fashion on Friday.

LOGAN — Amid colorful lighting and booming music, Bridgerland Technical College Fashion Merchandising and Development students transported the audience into a fashion “dreamland” during their spring fashion show on Friday evening.

A model shows off the stylings of BTECH students.

The show was titled “Dreamland” and featured the students’ styles and interpretations of current fashion trends in 14 collections. The show featured clothing provided by Bohme, Buckle, Old Navy, Roolee and a collection designed and constructed by BTECH student Paydon Bashaw.

BTECH Fashion Merchandising and Development Department Head Hailey Ropelato said students enrolled in the program were responsible with coordinating the theme, styling the clothing, writing the choreography, the music, advertising, décor and props of the show.

“It’s a really good way for them to not only do a fun project and express their creativity,” Ropelato said, “but to see what it takes, the amount of work it takes to planning a promotional event.”

Ropelato said the show was a good way for students to get hands experience with planning, working with a budget, selecting vendors and sponsors for the event.

Two models pose showing off the stylings of BTECH students on Friday.

“It’s hands on every step of the way,” Ropelato said. “They get to really put their own style into it and interpret those trends.”

The students start the project by doing trend forecasting reports or researching and formulating predictions of fashion trends, went to local retailers to determine what was available and select and outfit the models.

Program student Payton McMann said the project helped him learn how to deal with different brands, styling looks and working with different retailers.

“I didn’t know that there were so many steps involved in planning this out making it a reality,” McMann said. “I loved every step of it.”

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