Cody Wilkerson of Roosevelt designs stylized logo for Brigham City without setting foot there.

BRIGHAM CITY – Sometimes solutions to problems come in unexpected ways. Brigham City wanted a new logo, an updated one to replace the one they had for years. The designer of the logo did it all from a computer and never visited the city.

Brigham City Mayor D.J. Bott decided to update the look to make it more modern. So, he put out a request to a few people and was surprised at the look that came back from Cory Wilkerson, someone who lived on the other side of the state.

Donna Pett, the mayor’s secretary, said they let the designers at Bridgerland Technology College know and opened it up to other designers of whom they knew.

Cody Wilkerson is a production manager of a small publishing company that publishes the Uinta Basin Standard and the Vernal Express. He got the heads up on the job from his brother who works for the city.

“This is the biggest project I have done to this point,” he said. “I mostly do logos for local ma’ and pop stores in the city on the side.”

Wilkerson has an Associates Degree in business from the Utah State University. Add 11 years of photography experience and 11 years in his current job.

Buildings on Brigham City’s Main Street were stylized for the new logo.

The city asked him to change a few buildings in his original submission. The tweaks were given the green light and the new logo was a finalized.

The stylized image has traditional Brigham City buildings and the mountains in the background. Wilkerson designed the logo without going to the city to get a feel for what he was doing.

“I looked at a lot of images online,” he said. “I found buildings I thought the people of Brigham would relate to and give them a sense of pride.”

When he gets a job, he goes straight to doing his research on the community.

“I want to deliver something to them they can be proud of,” Wilkerson said. “I did my research. I picked iconic things like the mountains and a view of Main Street.”

The old movie theater, the tabernacle that has been there forever and the old hotel are all represented in the design.

“There are a lot of people who have the tools, but have the eye for design,” he said. “I feel blessed to work where I want to work in a place I want to live.”

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