From l – r, Chris Booth and Mark Hurd

LOGAN — Two Republican candidates who are vying for the Cache County council seat in the northeast district were guests on KVNU’s For the People program on Wednesday.

Mark Hurd has lived in Cache County since 1995 and throughout the area covered by the northeast district. He currently lives in Hyde Park.

He said he’s running because he is committed to the county and the values and community culture that is experienced here.  He has served two terms on the Hyde Park city council.

During that time, he said a big highlight was as part of a group that worked with the Bureau of Land Management and Department of Natural Resources to secure 80 acres of land in Hyde Park Canyon that was basically surrounded by private property. He said that turned out to be a really great fit and provide benefit and resource to the community.

Chris Booth and his family moved to the area in the fall of 2014, and during that time has seen a tremendous amount of growth.

He has a background in all facets of construction and currently works in the Ag industry and gets to travel through the Intermountain West and sees farm land and unfortunately has seen it disappearing fast in some places.

He was formerly the party chairman of the Cache G.O.P.  He decided to run because he’s concerned about the direction the county is going and wants to make a difference.

A caller asked the candidates about the recent tensions between some current council members and the county executive and county clerk and auditor.

“The thing of it is, is when you’re in a position, whether it’s county council, county executive, lets just say an elected position, you’re going to upset somebody, and you’re going to make somebody happy, and you might do it at the same time, that’s just the way it is. But I think the best…well, I won’t say the best way, it definitely just comes down to listening and people wanting to be heard”, said Booth.

Hurd said it’s why there’s a council and not just one person making decisions.

“Back to the spirit of a council, and collaborating together, you have to come together with the purpose of achieving the objective and put personal feelings, although they inform your decisions and your contribution to the discussion. (But) put personal feelings aside to represent the people in the government position,” he explained.

Hurd said he’s seen success when everyone seeks understanding and uses their two ears and one mouth in proper proportion and engage in civil discussions.

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