Source: CVDaily Feed

He acknowledges he is considered to be “divisive” but conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck was all about coming together when he spoke at Logan’s Freedom Fire Independence Day program in Romney Stadium on Thursday.

Prior to the program, in an exclusive interview Beck appeared on KVNU’s For the People program where he said he has been thinking for some time that it’s almost become a civil war in this country but nobody has fired a bullet and that is not helpful if you want to be an American. He admitted that the role he has played in that has not been helpful.

“Whether you believe in God or not, it’s going to take the people, not religious people, but people of God,” Beck explained, “that will say, ‘The Lord tells me I’m supposed to love my enemy. What are we doing here? Why are we calling each other names?’

“I’m here to tell you I’m not pointing the finger at anybody. I’m pointing the finger at me. Why am I calling people names? Why am I doing that? We have to stop that. If we love our country, it’s time to be bigger.”

He said that Americans need to work harder at coming together and becoming less partisan. And as part of his mea culpa for his role in creating a divisive culture, he admitted to liberal KVNU host Jason Williams that “the liberals were right.”

“When it comes to Iraq, you were right, I was wrong” he admitted. “When it comes to the Patriot Act, you were right, I was wrong. When it comes to drones, you were right, I was wrong. When it comes to spying with the NSA, you were right, I was wrong.”

He said that we need to all be able to say that we were wrong and say, ‘where are you now?’ He said that he is working more and more to align himself with people based on principles, and not politics.

Beck spoke about his affinity for and efforts to preserve artifacts of American history. He plans on raising money within the next year to create a museum for the artifacts he has been able to collect.

Another project that Beck is working closely with is the “new abolitionist” movement, a group that is working to eradicate child sex trafficking.

“This is probably the biggest dirty secret that the world has that nobody addresses,” Beck said.

Operation Underground Railroad works with local governments all over the world to end sex trafficking, particularly among children. Through his involvement, over 120 children have been saved and he said it was surprisingly cheap to free them and it has been an extremely rewarding experience.

Beck spoke Saturday at a fundraiser in Dayton, Idaho where he recently purchased a summer home.

“We spend several weeks in the summer and I just think it’s important to give back to the community as much as we can,” Beck said on Thursday. “So every year we do a fundraiser for some cause. This time it’s performing arts because I think culture is really important. That’s where my mind is right now.”