Courtesy NBC(LOS ANGELES) — Kelly Clarkson can sing like nobody’s business, but she can also talk — a lot.  Starting today, she’s got an outlet for all that energy: The Kelly Clarkson Show.  Kelly says the goal for her new daytime talk show is simple: “It’s really all about connection.”

“I’m happy to be the host of a show that is all about inclusivity,” she explains. “And it’s fun, and there’s music happening…you might laugh, you might cry and you may be inspired. So that’s really what I want to do.”

While Kelly may seem like a natural to host a talk show, she was initially hesitant to commit.

I have a very high standard,” she explains, noting, “I grew up watching Oprah and crying with her and being inspired by her guests and all that. So, you know, I had a high bar!”

What changed her mind?  Kelly realized people need something to watch that’ll bring them together, not drive them apart.

Everything has just become so divisive,” she laments. When people watch her show, she says, she wants people to “forget all that.”

“You like to be happy, you like to be healthy, you like to have fun? You like music? You like to have a good hang? That’s my show,” she declares.

And while there’ll be big-name stars on the show, Kelly says she almost prefers the non-famous guests.

“These people we find are so innovative and inspiring and just incredible humans,” she declares. “And I feel like we need a lot of that…’pay it forward’ kind of moment to watch.”

But ultimately, Kelly says, “I don’t really care if it’s a celebrity or non-celebrity…It’s like, everybody’s welcome.”

Check your local listings to see when and where The Kelly Clarkson Show is airing near you.

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