LOGAN—After Logan High School “test to stay” event concluded, in an email to parents, Logan City School District spokesperson Shana Longhurst announced that Mount Logan Middle School has scheduled its own “test to stay” event during the school day on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

The announcement was made after the LHS event confirmed 139 additional positive cases out of the 1,162 students that were tested on Thursday, according to Bear River Health Department spokesperson Estee Hunt.

“Over the last week, we have seen a surge in COVID cases at Mount Logan Middle School,” Longhurst said. “On Wednesday, January 12th, Mount Logan Middle School crossed the threshold set by the Utah Legislature to consider mitigation efforts to decrease the amount of cases within our school.”

Although the testing event is scheduled for Tuesday, Governor Spencer Cox announced the Test to Stay program would be paused due to the rapid spread of Omicron and widespread availability of vaccines for school-aged children.

“We’re doing it too late, and so Test-to-Stay really isn’t doing what we need it to do,” State Epidemiologist Dr. Leisha Nolan said during a COVID briefing on Friday morning. “We wanted it to stop the spread. It’s behind. It’s not able to stop the spread.”

As of now, the testing event is still scheduled and testing does require registration and parental consent. Parents would have to register their students by the end of the day Monday, Jan,17 on the registration link.

“If a student tests positive, parents will be notified and the student will need to be isolated for 5 days following the date of the positive test,” Longhurst said. “Students who have had a positive test since January 3, 2022 do not need to test.”

Longhurst said the number of reported cases continue to increase and urges parents to keep their children who are ill home.

“It is extremely important to monitor your children for symptoms, keep them home if they are ill, and seek testing,” Longhurst said. “The more we work together, the sooner we can get all students back to school.”

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