LOGAN — Cache Valley Center for the Arts is known for theatrical and musical productions, and also the Gallery Walk, which recently restarted a couple weeks ago. But they also feature many education classes, art camps and art classes.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Monday, Arts Education Director Robyn Hoth said it’s great to have things opening up again.

“We’ve seen even throughout the summer that enrollment keeps getting bigger, people get more excited about participating in these things. So, yes, we’re very happy to see that and looking forward to even into the fall. We still have a few things coming up this summer and we’re just getting started on what we’re going to offer in the fall. But probably our usual menu of events, and that’s one nice thing about Cache Arts, because we have several spaces we can have several different programs happening in one spot. So it’s kind of convenient, you can look at a lot of different things at once,”  said Hoth.

Registration is underway for many of these classes including a Photography class.

“We actually have a couple of photography classes and one art class that is kind of all related to photography and print making. We’ve got two different teachers, one of them is teaching two classes. One of them is just for adults, one of them is for kids.”

Some of the photography classes are taught by Maria Ellen Huebner an adjunct professor  of photography at USU.

Last year she focused her students on what was termed People Porch Portraits when people were hunkered down at home in the early days of the pandemic.

One of her upcoming classes is called the Art of Seeing.

She uses her talents to help walk students through the process of shooting on the street. They do very practical things during class, not just during class time but if there’s a special event, she keeps her eyes pealed for those and they go and do some shooting…’okay this is something we’re going to focus on in class, see if you can find some shots of this particular item’. And she even circles back on social media and says ‘post some of your photos’, so even after you take the class, it’s kind of this group that continues on where you share photos with each other.”

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