BRIGHAM CITY – Brigham City Community Hospital acquired its own AirLife Utah Base air ambulance service for emergency transportation needs. This new service will ensure critically ill and injured patients reach trauma centers faster than in the past.

AirLife Utah relocated its emergency AirLifair medical base from Ogden to Brigham City Community Hospital on Monday July 1, and will continue to provide lifesaving services throughout northern Utah and southwestern Wyoming without disruption. 

The company is now the only air medical service provider based in Box Elder County and it’s 6,729 square miles that border Nevada and Idaho. 

“Our commitment to providing the highest level of emergency air medical care is unwavering,” said Air Methods Account Executive Erik Bornemeier. “We are confident that we will be able to provide excellent and reliable care to even more patients, particularly those who have been underserved in the past, from our new location.”

The new base makes AirLife Utah 1 the primary air medical responder in Box Elder County, providing exceptional pre-hospital care and transporting patients to definitive care faster.

AirLife Utah 1 will also be able to serve as a backup resource to people in Weber and Cache Counties when other medical helicopters in the area are unavailable. This service will provide a higher level of emergency air medical coverage for the people in the region.  

AirLife Utah 1 has a sister base, AirLife Utah 2 located in Lehi, and the two are part of Air Methods, the nation’s leading air medical service provider.

Their highly trained flight nurses and paramedics are equipped to transport cardiac, stroke, pediatric, high-risk obstetric, and other patients with a wide variety of critical care needs.

Their crew is prepared to also carry whole blood that can be administered in-flight for patients suffering significant blood loss and at risk for hemorrhagic shock, which causes the body’s organs to fail and can lead to death.  

Jami Cottle, CEO/Chief Nursing Officer of Brigham City Community Hospital said she is I excited to partner with Air Methods to provide an additional resource to our community.

“This will provide the physicians and patients with a quick response for emergencies, and in the event the patient requires a higher level of care, it is immediately available for transport,” she said. “This is going to amplify the exceptional care that we provide at Brigham City Community Hospital.”     

Air Methods is a 40-year-old company is committed to providing critical care to all members of the communities they serve. They are the nation’s leading air medical service offering an in-network with most major health insurance providers across the country for emergency air medical services.

Additionally, the company has a patient advocacy program that works with all patients, regardless of insurance, to ensure affordability. 

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