LOGAN — There is a program locally where seniors are offered an amount of money to be companions and help other seniors get to appointments, get out to events, or have someone to hang out with or have lunch with.  The Senior Companion program has been on hold for a while, but it’s starting back up.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Friday, volunteer coordinator for U-Serve Utah, Hannah Cragun  told us how it works.

“So, basically we’re federally and state-funded, federally by Ameri-corps and state funded by U-Serve Utah. And so, the volunteers receive a stipend if they are lower income and also wanting that stipend, because we know volunteering costs money. When you’re driving someone around and helping them with light housekeeping or just being their friend, we understand that takes time and money,”  Cragun explained.

She said they also do not charge the recipients of these services.

“They basically just have to call and sign up, and same thing with volunteers, they just have to call to sign-up and then we background check our volunteers, make sure they’re safe individuals to be sending into these homes, and get to know them a little bit and match them with someone that we think will be a good fit.”

Cragun feels this program is important because some are still fairly independent but they don’t drive anymore. She said they may find themselves at home more often and, whether there are kids close-by or not, they may be home alone more often than they would like.

If any would like more information or to sign-up they can call 801-440-0682.

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