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LOGAN — The Aggie Creamery, the makers of famous Aggie Ice Cream, is celebrating quite a milestone this year – 100 years.

On KVNU’s For the People program on Monday, department head of USU’s Nutrition and Food Sciences Department, Heidi Wengren was our guest.

Aggie Ice Cream is unique in that it’s a food product that people love that is born out of university scientific research.

“Yeah that’s right, we have food scientists, dairy scientists working here in out department.  They are the formulators of our ice cream, they’re the ones that figure out what kind of ratios of protein and sugar and fat need to be included to make our ice cream really stand out,” she said.

Wengren said it all started back in the day because there was a dairy on campus and scientists who knew how to make ice cream.

And they realized that it could really be a great opportunity to train students to become food scientists, who would then take what they were learning about dairy and ice cream to the industry and help that industry grow.

To help celebrate the centennial, they will have some retro flavors, current favorite flavors and even new flavors during the year.

We’ll also have kind of a theme of the month, and then we will be doing giveaways that go along with that theme. You can look to social media for additional details, for example in January we’ll be giving out ski passes to Beaver Mountain. Our flavor of the month for January is Birthday, because (it’’s)kind of the kick-off and the actual beginning of Aggie Ice Cream occurred in January.”

Wengren said they will be giving away 100 cups of Birthday-flavored Aggie Ice Cream on campus this week.

And For the People (heard on KVNU weekdays, 4p.m. – 6p.m.)will have monthly updates throughout the year on the different events in connection with the centennial celebration of Aggie Ice Cream.

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